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Lemon Chill is the original recipe soft serve frozen lemonade. Lemon Chill comes in a variety of original recipe flavors including; Lemon Chill, Strawberry Chill & Lemon-Strawbery Chill.

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Company History

Our company was founded in Fort Worth, Texas during the mid seventies with an ice cream shop called the Back Porch. The back porch is the part of a home where homemade ice cream is often frozen and wonderful memories are formed. Our shop began with a five gallon WHITE MOUNTAIN FREEZER using salt and ice to slowly freeze our flavors.

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A call from Six Flags over Texas gave our little company the chance to begin providing delicious lemonade to its customers. The following year, we were asked if we could freeze the lemonade, so we began to produce lemonade in a manner similar to our frozen ice cream. As the popularity of Lemon Chill grew through various entertainment venues, we decided to branch out and go into the retail market.

We still use our original recipes and adhere to the quality standards that made Lemon Chill frozen lemonade famous. We put quality and customer satisfaction above all else.

One taste of Lemon Chill and you will never forget the smooth refreshing flavor!

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